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Call the Angino Law Firm today if you’ve been involved in a car accident. Our team of lawyers have years of experience and are here to help you earn the money for your injuries. According to CDC statistics, a person is involved in a car accident every 12 seconds. One-third of all car accidents result in injury and about one percent may result in death.  

If you or a loved one suffered injuries due to a car accident, you may qualify to receive compensation for the damages sustained. Trust our knowledgeable car accident lawyers to assist you in understanding your rights and guide you through the legal process of earning the settlement you deserve. 

Auto accidents are often due to a driver’s negligence. Failure to obey traffic signs, driving above or below the speed limit, failure to use turn signals, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and passing or changing lanes improperly are just some of the many factors that can play a role of being involved in a car accident.

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We’ve recovered millions of dollars for auto accidents victims in Pennsylvania and can help you too. Contact us to find out how we can help you recover the money you deserve.

Common Injuries From A Car Accident That Our Lawyers Can Help With

Here at the Angino Law Firm in Harrisburg, PA our team of attorneys are here to fight for you after a car accident. After an accident, you can sustain different injuries, from the head, back, chest, and legs, that can leave you unable to work providing for your family. Our team of lawyers understands this and will work with you to make sure you earn the settlement you deserve. Some of the most common injuries from a car accident include:

Head/Neck Injuries: Head injuries are the most dangerous types of injuries. In a car accident, head injuries could be anywhere from skull cracking to bad concussions. Neck injuries can be caused by whiplash and can leave you in a ton of pain.

Chest Injuries: Chest injuries are mainly caused by slamming into the steering wheel with great force, and even from the seatbelt. Chest injuries can include broken ribs, cracked chest, breastbone injuries, and terrible bruising.

Back Injuries: Back injuries include anything with the spine along with any tissues/ligaments along the spine and in the back. Back injuries can leave you with minor soft tissue damage or severe injuries such as partial/total paralysis.

Always Gather As Much Evidence As Possible After A Car Accident

Our team of advocates here in Harrisburg, PA want you to gather as much possible evidence as possible after a car accident. Doing so will enable you to strengthen your case, even allowing for a bigger settlement. Certain ways you can obtain evidence can be from:

  • Taking any photos after the vehicle, such as property damage, vehicle damages, and even injuries from the accident.
  • Talking and gathering and evidence from witnesses on the scene, in doing so can get evidence other than your own making your case even stronger.
  • Keep track of all medical bills and expenses, such as receipts, MRI results, x-rays, and lab tests.

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There are many causes of car accidents, the top reasons being alcohol consumption, inexperienced drivers, and distracted driving. Our team is here to help you through the process of filing a legal claim, while your main job is to recover from your injuries.

If you’ve been the victim of a car accident in or near Harrisburg, PA contact our team of lawyers at Angino Law Firm today! Our attorneys are ready to help you through the legal claim process earning you the settlement you deserve.