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All Healthcare Providers Aren’t Created Equally

Medical malpractice is negligence caused by the acts or omissions of a healthcare provider, like doctors, nurses, and hospital staff. When their conduct falls below the accepted standard of practice in our community, it may cause permanent, irreparable harm to you or your family.

Insurance companies have spent millions of dollars in an attempt to convince the public that medical malpractice cases are bad for our country and for the healthcare system. These claims have routinely been proven to be false and misleading. More importantly, though, medical malpractice cases act as a check and balance on doctors, nurses, and hospitals. Without this check and balance, patient safety would become an afterthought and more people would needlessly die.

Thankfully, all healthcare providers carry some type of professional insurance coverage. This means that they are not personally responsible for any settlement or verdict against them. Instead, their insurance company is responsible for paying any settlement or trial verdict.

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When doctors, nurses, and hospitals make mistakes, the results can be catastrophic. These errors often result from poor communication and a failure to recognize important details. If you or a loved one have been a victim of a medical malpractice action, call us for help.

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Medical malpractice is not often recognized when doctors make mistakes. A plaintiff must be able to demonstrate the existence of these four elements in order to claim medical malpractice occurred:

  • Between the patient and the doctor, there was a doctor-patient relationship.
  • As a result of the doctor’s carelessness, you were hurt.
  • As a result of these injuries, you suffered some form of injury, such as physical or emotional discomfort, needless medical costs, or missed wages.
  • The doctor was negligent, which means he did something that a professional doctor would not have done in the same situation.

Different Types Of Medical Malpractice You Should Call Our Attorneys For

Surgical Errors

Surgeons must complete years of training before operating on patients, but they are still human and can make mistakes even with this preparation. Surgical errors are mistakes made during surgery that should have been avoided. A surgical mistake, for example, would be practicing on the wrong person or body part.

Not Mentioning Risks To Patients

Prior to starting a procedure, doctors must inform patients of any known risks associated with the operation. A patient will be entitled to file a medical malpractice lawsuit if a doctor fails to advise them about the risks and the patient is injured as a result of one of the risks.

Misdiagnosis/Unable To Diagnose

After evaluating a patient’s symptoms, studying their medical history, and conducting the requisite tests, healthcare professionals should be able to accurately diagnose them. If a healthcare practitioner fails to diagnose a patient properly, it can be considered medical malpractice if the error causes damage to the patient.

When a doctor fails to order the appropriate tests, inquire about the patient’s medical history, or listen to the patient’s explanation of their symptoms, a misdiagnosis may occur. It may also happen if a doctor fails to conduct routine health screenings on a patient or misinterprets test results.

Medication Errors

Medication mistakes that cause damage to a patient may be kept accountable by doctors, nurses, and pharmacists. When a doctor prescribes the wrong drug or the wrong dosage of a medication, it is known as a medication mistake. It can also happen if a nurse gives the wrong medicine or the wrong amount of medication.

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