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Consumers rely on manufacturers and companies to design, build, and distribute safe and functional products that work as intended and do not pose risks to their safety or health. A product might include large and expensive items, such as industrial equipment, construction machinery, and passenger vehicles or smaller products, like medications, light bulbs and food from the grocery store or restaurant. However, companies do not always uphold the standards imposed upon them by the law, and when people become severely ill or injured because of the use of a defective product, they deserve compensation for their damages.

According to a recent Consumer Product Safety Commission’s Annual Report, each year thousands of individuals are killed by various products and millions more suffer injuries requiring emergency room treatment.

The law provides that manufacturers of dangerous and defective products should be held accountable if they release a poorly designed or manufactured product into the stream of commerce. Unfortunately, companies are generally driven by pursuing a “bottom line” and many manufacturers whose defective products cause these and other injuries are not stepping up to take responsibility, leaving injury victims with few alternatives other than to bring a legal action against the manufacturer of the product under the legal doctrines of strict liability or general negligence.

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When a product fails to work as advertised and causes an accident, disease, or death, legal action must be taken as soon as possible to ensure that the injured and their families receive justice. These cases have become more common in recent years as more goods are produced overseas, where manufacturing regulations and restrictions are less stringent than in the United States.

Even goods made in our own country can have faulty parts and severe design defects, or they can be defective and cause horrific harm to innocent citizens.

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