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After being involved in a tractor-trailer accident a lot can happen, between insurance companies, doctor visits, and your lively hood. At the Angino Law Firm, our team of dedicated lawyers is here to help you! We understand everything there is about truck laws, and we are by your side dealing with the insurance companies for you. Especially when an insurance company or opposing party wishes to take the claim to court rather than settle.

Trucking companies are aware of their own legal liability and typically document their employees’ hours behind the wheel along with maintenance checks. This is a major difference between a trucking accident and a typical car accident; trucking companies are very experienced in these matters and likely have a legal team readily available to them. This is a huge reason to speak with a legal representative immediately so that the big companies don’t take advantage of your naiveté.

If you are involved in a truck accident you could be entitled to compensation for injuries sustained, damage to vehicles, and wages lost. Being knowledgeable about your rights can ensure that justice is fully enforced and reparations are paid. Contact our team of lawyers after being involved in a truck accident today!

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We are well versed in fighting the trucking companies and the insurance companies for victims of tractor trailer accidents. We know your rights and will fight to get you the best award possible for your injuries. Contact us now to find out how we can help.

Our Team Of Attorneys Are By Your Side, Figuring Out Who The Liable Party Of The Truck Accident Is

When it comes to truck accidents, finding the liable party can always be challenging. There are other parties that can be liable for the truck accident other than the driver, call our team today so we can help find who the responsible party is. Parties that could have been responsible for the truck accident include:

  • Truck Drivers– Truck Drivers themselves could’ve caused the accident, whether from intoxication, distracted driving, or a driving error.
  • Manufacturers– If there was a part of the truck that was made faulty that could have caused the truck accident the manufacturers could be liable for faulty parts.
  • Employers– Employers are responsible for making sure trucks are up to date, and are safe to drive. On top of making sure not to over-schedule drivers, and making sure drivers are fully trained. If for any reason these are not met the employer can be held responsible for the truck accident. 
  • Government– Truck Accidents can also be caused by road damage or hazards that should have been fixed. If a truck accident was the result of a road hazard the city could be held responsible.

Contact our team of lawyers at the Angino Law Firm today so we can start working for you. We want to help you figure out who is responsible for the truck accident. Call our law office today! 


Don't Deal With Your Truck Injuries Alone, Let One Of Our Attorneys Help You

After being involved in an accident you could be suffering from injuries. Our attorneys at Angino Law Firm are here for you. We want to help you earn the settlement you deserve for your truck injuries. Some of the most common injuries include:

Head Injuries: The most dangerous type of injury is a head injury. After a truck accident, you could be suffering minor to major head injuries. It’s important you see a doctor right away, and also call our law firm to help fight for you.

Spinal Cord Injuries: Spinal cord injuries are due to the spinal cord being stretched, impacted, or compacted. The victim can end up with minor injuries all the way to paralysis. 


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